DHIC Homeownership Center

More than 700 Wake County residents have turned to DHIC’s Homeownership Center for counseling to purchase their first home. Key to our success has been a team of helpful, friendly professionals who understand financial planning and provide honest counsel. Our support staff offer vital community services to facilitate the successful home buying process, from the qualifying stage to the home search and eventual purchase.

At DHIC’s Homeownership Center, our goal is to help first-time buyers develop and implement a homeownership plan tailored to their individual needs and circumstances. Our certified staff uses curriculum developed and tested by NeighborWorks® America. We have adopted the National Industry Standards for Homeownership Education and Counseling, and are proud to give our clients consistent, high-quality, and ethical service.


We offer a range of turn-key services to help buyers get mortgage ready, find a home, choose a lender, and access special financing opportunities. Best of all, participants only pay a small  fee that covers:

Private Counseling Sessions

We will review your credit, income and assets to help identify any obstacles you may face before becoming a homeowner. If you need to take corrective action, establish a budget, or build up a better credit score, our advisors will help you develop and stick to a sensible plan.

Homebuyer Workshop

We require all clients to attend our eight-hour Bringing Home the Dream workshop at some point during the process. This valuable workshop is a prerequisite to qualify for many first-time homebuyer loan products in our area.

Loan Pre-qualification and Application

When you and your advisor determine that you’re ready for homeownership, we will help you identify special financing programs and refer you to preferred lenders that are particularly knowledgeable about the first-time homebuyers’ market.

Finding a home

We maintain a referral list of preferred realtors who understand the needs of first-time homebuyers. We will also let you know about DHIC homes that are available for sale. Whatever services you prefer, the home buying choice is ultimately up to you.

Post-Purchase Counseling

We encourage continuing a relationship with DHIC once you’ve purchased your home. Some clients need extra support to stick to their household budgets, while others face unexpected circumstances that affect their ability to pay their mortgage. Whether you’re facing expensive maintenance issues, are considering refinancing, or are worried about foreclosure, we can help you through the difficult times.


To make an appointment with a homeownership advisor, please call (919) 832-3696. A representative will return your inquiry within two business days. We care about your success and look forward to setting up an appointment with you to get started.

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